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Family Law Services In Butler, PA

Custody/ Child Support

If you have a child custody and/or child support issue or issues in Butler County, I can help. I have many years of experience with both child custody litigation and child support litigation, although often times cases are able to be resolved by amicable agreement. I will help you understand how the law may apply to your case so that you understand what your options may be, either in court or through settlement.

Personalized Representation

As part of my approach, I will learn more about your situation and advise you about your custody rights as well as your financial obligations if you are required to pay child support. I can help you initiate a custody action if you need to establish or modify your custody rights. I can help you initiate a child support case if you are seeking support for your child from the other parent. I will act as your advocate through all stages of these proceeding.
Brother and sister children in Butler, PA Susan B Lope Law

A Supportive Attorney

I realize that there are a number of issues that may have an impact on you and your children. To discuss your individual situation, contact my office at 724-283-9127 to schedule a convenient time for your consultation.
Husband and Wife — Child Support Consultation in Butler PA Susan B Lope Law